R.I.P Fukashigi/wonderboy who was my classmate.

R.I.P Fukashigi/wonderboy who was my classmate.

The end of 2011 my friend recommended me the singer who had died in Jun of that year.

I'm sorry the song is written in Japanese.
It's translation to English. I loved this song, then I downloaded other songs my phone too. I have listened to his songs often for few months.

After 5 years, another my friend asked me "Is Fukashigi/wonderboy your classmate in high school?"

I had known him just as a singer, but when I watched the video to seek my acquaintance again.

.... I may know him.

I checked our yearbook and found him who is Ishida. I googled "Fukashigi/wonderboy real name" then Google answered "Ishida."

I remember him. He is a member of the badminton club. I belonged to Cheer club, so his club's room was the next door. We often talked about something useless.

He was not a smart man, I was worse though. However, he is a blight and friendly guy.

He appears in the movie.
Do anybody my classmate know that "Fukashigi/wonderboy" is Ishida? 

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