What is Populism?

People can easily criticise political decision with using this word "Populism". They believe they know the truth or right way, and other people don't know it. Recently years media use the word primarily, Brexit and Trump situation but before criticising, do you know anyone who voted for it? We should understand what was happened to them.
If people just criticise Brexit or Trump voter, the voter will be more obstinate.

In Latin America, populism movements will make more fair society like blowing wind coming from left but recently in European countries, U.S, or Filipin, populism caused intolerant sociaty name of "liberal democracy."

Intolerant society will be created not by populism.
People who have bigoted mind can have been pressured by something. If neighbours may support them, people can have a more tolerant.

I will keep thinking "Democracy", "Referendum" and "Populism".

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