Special issue on the "Vacant house"

Special issue on the "Vacant house" 

Now already 1 in 7 is a vacant house in Japan, rapidly the rate is increasing. In 2033, the rate of a vacant house is 33%, in other words, 1 in 3 houses will be not used.

The seasonal magazine "Social movement"'s special issue in this time is "Vacant house". There are many examples from east to west in Japan.

I interviewed in Sendai about Weekend-Home-Project "Nakayama-Modern-House". 3 young people rent an old characteristic house. Their catch fraise is "Making with fun makes the town fun". They use the vacant house for fun, I felt that "vacant house" is a problem of our society, but it's a chance for challenging people because they can rent.


We need to think about medicine or vaccine before taking them

We need to think about medicine or vaccine before taking them because sometimes these things cause serious side effects.

I don't have a child yet, but I was so surprised that babies suppose to take many vaccines. Especially vaccination against HPV may cause adverse side effects. I interviewed a girl who suffers from it. She couldn't have had even walking for few years without wheelchair or cane. She feels pain like someone stick a needle in her neck and also other places.

Now she is in dispute in the court. I touched her effort and her mother's devotion. I wrote about their experience on the magazine "Social Movements", and I will encourage them.

I know some people need vaccine but, they should be ready for side effects. Doctors must give the information about the possibility. 


Tomorrow 22. Oct. 2017 is general election day in Japan.

Tomorrow 22. Oct. 2017 is general election day in Japan. I would like to clarify my current opinion.

Nuclear power plant
I can't approve to reoperation Nuclear power plant in Japan. People can make it safer but, people must mistake, that means somewhere, someday the accident must happen in the future. We should learn from Fukushima, we should not forget what happened in Fukushima. Even the accident will not happen, we cant detoxify radioactive waste. I won't give them to next generation. The other reason, it's nonsense to talk about national defence over running nuclear power plants. North Korea or other country doesn't need an atomic bomb, they need just one missile for our nuclear power plant.

We should change constitution article 9, it says

Article 9. Aspiring sincerely to an international peace based on justice and order, the Japanese people forever renounce war as a sovereign right of the nation and the threat or use of force as means of settling international disputes.
In order to accomplish the aim of the preceding paragraph, land, sea, and air forces, as well as other war potential, will never be maintained. The right of belligerency of the state will not be recognized. 
Japan has the self-defence forces. I believe they are unconstitutional now. If we will keep the forces for the future, we should change the constitution.

Tomorrow is the voting day. I think there are many ways to make the future, but voting is a very efficient way. I voted the day before yesterday, not for Liberal democratic party.


28th Oct, I will talk about "What is populism, How can we find the right way."

Though Brexit and the presidential election in U.S.A are talked in a context of populism, Election and referendum need be supported by a majority and should be so.

Can we avoid populism? No, we must decide in the end with election or referendum under the democracy.

Then what is the problem of populism? We should start talking more about specific issues, for example, exclusivity or elitism, or discrimination.

In Japan, people encourage others to agree in conformity with majorities opinion or authority. However, under a referendum, Japanese should change the mind. People have own view for each, and there is no expected answer.

Referendum and election decide by a majority vote, but it's not to find loser, to choose how we live together with a different opinion.


How about present flowers for your friend?

How about present flowers for your friend?

In 2014, when I lived in Bulgaria, one day suddenly stood flower shop on the street. Men bought flowers in procession. In the evening women had a bunch of flowers with great relish. I asked Bulgarian friend "What day is it today?". She answered, "It's an international women's day so men present flowers for women." I was so surprised that in Japan there is not much culture like other countries. I will advance our culture more often enjoying flowers.

I used to think that "presenting floweres to wemon" is narcissists act but, my prejudice was changed.

I love dried flower too. I will write an article about flowers the end of this year.


My friend holds Free supermarket in Saitama.

My friend holds Free supermarket in Saitama.

My friend Taiki Ikeda who appeared on my TV holds a new event.


【The first time in Saitama】
<What is "free supermarket">
In the free supermarket, you can get goods which will be wasted some reason for free. The other day free supermarket was held in Tama Tokyo. This one will be the second time in Japan.

<Who is the organiser ”CAWAZ”?>
CAWAZ is an organisation which works to motivate every individual. They hold the free supermarket to make the society which anyone can eat foods enough at least.

From Second harvest Japan which is the biggest food bank in Japan offer 100-150 peoples foods. Second Harvest Japan is NPO known as they distribute food to the poor or people who are hard to get food.

・You can bring back to home up to 10 things.
・We don't prepare plastic bags for saving the environment. Please bring bags by yourself.
・In this time free supermarket, we offer the foods that can be stored room temperature.

【Open hours】
15:00〜 Close when the food runs out.


※If you find any problem with the food, please contact us not the production company.


I credit the company which offers foods for them.

At first, a food company should reduce the waste, then if the company still has a rest.  I know that donating foods don't make money but someone needs it.

When I was in U.S two years ago, the Churches or local community offers free supper for everyone few times a week. I don't know this kind of offer in Japan. We also need like this.

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