My 50,000 JPY turn into 320,000 JPY through bitcoin.

My friend Jens taught me about BitCoin in May this year. I thought "OK. It's worth a try" I spent  50000 JPY to Bitcoin. Then, I was surprised that "My 50,000 JPY turn into 320,000 JPY."

I don't expect that at all. I bought it to settle when I go abroad or anywhere. I prefer the cashless society, but Creditcard will cost for the retail stores, I can't ignore it. If I use bitcoin, it's satisfied by not only me but them too.

I bought bitcoin also on reserve. I have some USD, EUR, and other currency just in case. I think the bitcoin is perfect for speculation so far because the price is getting higher and higher.

bitFlyer ビットコインを始めるなら安心・安全な取引所で
If you start bitcoin in Japan, I recommend you bitFlyer which you can use the site in English and easy to start.

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