Yoshimi is on TV in Japan! about Japanese restaurant WA CAFE in Galway.

"Yoshimi is on TV in Japan! about Japanese restaurant WA CAFE in Galway."
sorry, it's only in Japanese.

Yoshimi, who helped me so much on Galway Ireland, featured a TV program "Why does a Japanese live there?"

I don't like at all the scenario which describe a Japanese restaurant owned Chinese as "strange Japanese food". I never agree with there commentator. Japanese food is not only for Japanese. I believe anyone can arrange as they like. For example, Japanese eat pasta or pizza with Tabasco, it's not the original style in Italia but its Japanese style.

Anyway, the TV shows Yoshimi's hard work, dexterity, delicious original Japanese food and be loved in Galway.

I've been in Ireland 2015 with working holiday visa. At first, I travelled around Ireland with friends by renting a car. Then I found the best town for me, Galway. I moved to Galway, but I couldn't find a job there. I thought "Maybe I should go back to Dublin to find Job..." at that time, Yoshimi asked me to work on WA-CAFE. She saved my Galway life!!

She doesn't only offering the job but found the room for me, took me to the pub, introduce her friends to me. I can't imagine Galway life without her both officially and privately.

I still respect Yoshimi leading Japanese restaurant in Ireland. Please take yourself too not only shop and food.

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