English class 18,1,27

if you would work another, Which kind of work do you want to?

I was a writer, but I just start the job which I have dreamed since I was a child. It's a teacher. Just 3-months contract. This is the best term. I teach mathematics to 4,5 grades children. I feel responsibility for future, and I feel free when I play with children. Children act more directly than adults. I'm interested in that How children see and understand the world. 

I keep writing and researching about referendum too, but I'm delighted with my job. 
The contract is only 3 months, so I must leave the job once, but I I will apply for a teacher in Saitama in this summer. 



Real Fukushima It's 7 years after Fukushima disaster.

It passed seven years already after Fukushima disaster. Media doesn't broadcast much about Fukushima as used to. The seasonal magazine "Social Movement" featured about Fukushima and Nuclear. Professor, Journalist and Lawyer wrote the article for the magazine. I also wrote the article about "Referendum and Postnuclear power in Europe."

 The magazine tells you about Thyroid cancer, Nuclear waste, Fukushima disaster victims and so on.

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