My girlfriend Momo and I will go to Gold Coast in Australia.

My girlfriend Momo and I will go to Gold Coast in Australia. I'm so excited to go there together. It already passed 10 years from my first trip to Canada, so my passport has expired. I renewed it. I got ETAS and insurance. Everything is prepared.

Why we decided to go Gold Coast because Momo's friend lives there and also we found a very cheap ticket.

After we booked the ticket which we can't cancel, her friend told us that Commonwealth games will hold at this time just we are arriving the day, fortunately, or unfortunately. Do you know the commonwealth games? It's a kind of Olympics that commonwealth countries take part in it which holds every 4 years. For Japanese, it's a not common actually, but I found it is a quite big sports festival. The expected audience is about 1.2 million to the city (The population of Gold Coast is 550,000).

That means accommodation's fee is double or more, besides transportation are much crowded. We can't avoid the situation so we will enjoy it!

My girlfriend should come back earlier than me, so after that. I will research on the referendum which held last year about "gay marriage". I'm interested in that how they did the campaign for and against it. How LGBT people felt the campaign and result, is there something changed in their life after the referendum. In Australia, 127 million people voted (Turn out is 79.5%), and 61% are for gay marriage. From this January they can marry in legal.

In Japan, Shibuya and Setagaya ward issue a certificate of the civil partner but it doesn't have the forth of the law.

If someone knows any Australian gay people who will answer my interview. Please introduce them to me, I'm deeply grateful for it. I have time from 12th to 17th Apr. I will come anywhere in Australia, especially Gold coast, Eastside in AUS are better.

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