My 32nd birthday came around

My 32nd birthday came around on the night bus from Guatemala City to Flores.

I had heard that Guatemala is not safe especially in Guatemala city, so I watched out girlfriend and my stuff. However, I didn't care for myself, I put my stuff out to find a bottle of water. Then I forgot to put one of my small bags back! I left it on the bus. I realised that after changing bus. In the bag, there are Japanese Yen for an emergency, lens, battery, charger of my camera and more other small stuff.

What a birthday!!

Thank you for lots of HBD massages. I will read your message with delight and reply it little by little.

P.S. "Magic tour" found my small bag and "Hotel el Sol" in Panajachel is going to send it back to Japan. Thank you very much.


Block print galleries in Oaxaca.

After Mexico City, we have come to Oaxaca to see art. We walked around the city and did stamp rally of the block-print galleries. Oaxaca is known of block-print. The end of our Oaxaca days, we bought one of them. Oaxaca is also known as "Day of the dead". When we found Scull arts, how beautiful and pretty were, we couldn't ignore them so stayed there for a while. 

With friends who we met in the hostel "Tanabata", went to see the biggest tree-trunk in the world. The tree is called "El Tule." It was amazingly huge, and I couldn't take a picture to show it.

The market

Occupied by the teacher who against governments' educational reform


Flower shop

scull arts





Taking a walk


The shop which we want to visit was closed.

The bench of Oaxaca.




After Oaxaca, we visited San Cristobal. Then now we are in Sanpedro la Laguna.


Mexico City is crowded.


Mexico City is crowded. The Jet lag makes me an insomniac, but that's fine. I enjoy walking from dawn, taking a nap, then eating amazing tacos. We stayed in "Japanese hostel" which Japanese manages. I had avoided "Japanese hostel" for long years because I didn't want to bother with Japanese in foreign countries. My girlfriend recommended me it, so this is my first time I stayed there. In Mexico City, we stayed in Japanese Hostel named "Pension Amigo". When I came back to Pension, I felt so relax like I'm in Japan. I should use it from now. 

From Airport to the city centre, we took the subway, I was surprised that there was so crowded. We couldn't get the train twice because of full just like in Japan. Mexican are so lovely and friendly, How I regret not understand Spanish.

Every day I drunk beer which costs only 0.6USD and ate 0.8 USD Tacos! We are spending fantastic time together in Mexico. Unusual Mexican foods bring me curious and happy!

We Start from Saitama in Japan.


Paradise of Cactus

The scenery is seen from a bus window.

The bench in Mexico city.

On the way to the Zocalo (Central Plaza)

The densely populated district.

She looks something.

A ticket of bus costs only 7 pesos (0.5 USD)

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