I decided to stay in Japan and work as a teacher.

Happy new year!

How was your winter vacation? I spent time with my girlfriend and our families.

After graduate University, my motto was "Living Like Wind". It means I don't want to stay anywhere, just keep moving like a wind. Fortunately, I have experienced a lot of jobs for example Journalist, writer, cook, tour coordinator and so on. My biggest work was publishing "Everything about referendums".

Time changes people. I have gradually been tired to introduce myself every time when I meet a new person. Now I want to stay somewhere feeling comfortable with someone who can share the same values. "Living like a Tree." is my motto after coming back to Japan. 

I moved to Kitami at Setagaya ward Tokyo and start working as a teacher of an elementary school. I work so hard but I never think it is enough for children. I feel always that way I can see children better. 

Anyway, now I want to say "Thank you" for all who have cared for me to stay in foreign countries but I decide to stay in Japan and work as a teacher.

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